Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gray Suit, Glasses

Try watching these using the Youtube auto caption feature. Pretty good stuff. If you enjoy things like
Star Wars: The Backstroke of the West, then you must. To enable the feature, click on CC, then transcribe audio. Let it do it's thing for a second  or three and click ok, then click on translate captions and whichever language you prefer. If CC doesn't show, then you have to select it as an option in your settings. I found it hard to select English a lot of the time, but it is in beta, so whatever. Do what ya gotta do to get it to select the right language, it's worth it. It's not all great, or very intelligible, but there are some gold nuggets here. There's a couple different versions of the same video for even more fun.

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  1. Like many English Lit majors, after university Tom found himself having to settle for menial employment or start his own simple business