Herein lies an assortment of Shenmue fun and games made by yours truly. These will likely be prevalent in the coming YEARS of Shenmue purgatory.  They're easy enough and fun to make! First, click on the post, then the pic, and then you print to your hearts content. Bon appetittyfuck!

Shenmue Crossword Puzzle

The first of likely many Crossword puzzles. It could use some fancying up a bit, but I ran out of time. Deadlines you know! Perhaps next time I'll add some color, at least.

Dobuita Word Search

Possibly the first Shenmue Word Search. This one focuses on Dobuita stores and locations. All of them to be exact.

The Cave

A maze and a not so subtle hint to SEGA to free Ryo from the confines of Shenmue 2.

Translate this and you'll win a cookie.

Not a puzzle per se, but a hidden message in braille. That's right, it's a braille Haiku! I know it makes no sense to simply look at, but that's why it makes me chuckle. Can you decipher this mysterious haiku? You better, 'cause I don't remember what in the name of bojuckduckfucker I wrote.