I created this blog as a way to show support for Shenmue. I update it every day, to my own detriment at times. Through sleet, through snow, through sickness, and more, I've kept this fucker going. If Shenmue fans want their need to be taken seriously, we have to display it with a Ryo Hazuki like level of dedication. Not every post is about Shenmue, but sometimes SEGA in general. You can't talk about Shenmue without discussing SEGA. Most every post is by me, but a small handful are written by others. Maybe 6 or 7 total. If you have something for me to post, shoot me an email. I appreciate contributions.

I myself am a huge SEGA fan, and yet I complain about them alot. I'm not the kind of guy to just take it up the ass by companies. If you don't speak up, they'll just keep abusing you.

I once got a threat from Blockbuster Video that they would take the money I owed them to collections unless promptly paid. They sent me this for a late fee of about 4 dollars that was only 3 weeks old. Normally, you might expect your customer to pay it the next time they rented a movie, but nooooooo, Them fuckers wanted their cash right now. So I wrote out a check to Ballbuster Video (literally) and in the memo portion wrote " Blockbuster sucks fucking donkey balls. Netflix is better!" A few months later, Blockbuster got rid of all late fees. I must not have been the only one to complain.

Last year I would often stop by the nearest Subway to pick up my lunch on my way to work, until suddenly they stopped taking Master Card, and would no longer accept my only form of payment (I refuse to walk around with cash.) The other Subway in town was owned by the same person and thus didn't accept Master Card either. I took it upon myself to send both stores a Txt-to-land-line message every day that read "I am boycotting your store because you won't take Master Card. Because of that, I now eat at Jimmy John's. I am an unsatisfied customer, hear me roar!" It was a celebrity impersonator txt to landline service, and of course I chose Arnold Schwartzenegger. Pretty silly shit. This went on for 3 and a half weeks until I actually got a reply from the Manager of one of the Subways. She said that they were in negotiations with Master Card, but that they'd take my card anyway. So I went and got me a muthafuckin sammich. Nice happy ending, eh?
Years ago at a check-out counter at my local grocery store, the cashier actually yelled at me for not having my signature on the back of my freshly renewed check card. I said "Alright, give me a marker." The crotchety old lady did and I wrote "EAT SHIT" on the back of my card. I handed it to her and said "Hey, lady, how ya like that?" She just looked incredulous. I kept it on my card for laughs, because really, it's just a colorful way of saying check ID, and EVERYONE checked my ID after that. I would even write it on all subsequent cards. Most people got a good laugh out of it, but some people would actually get mad. Why? I don't know. Perhaps they were just mad that they couldn't lifehack like that. You don't take shit from people you don't have to. Whenever I'm approached by solicitors of any kind I tell them to go fuck themselves. You got to. That shit aint fuckin' right! Especially around Christmas time. They get a real mouthful from me, I tells ya. And telemarketers, I make them hang up on me. I tell them I'm touching my cock or something and that usually works. The tough ones that don't hang up are possibly prison outsourced.

Anyhow, my point is you have to stand up for your rights as a consumer. Like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. So I tend to rag on SEGA a bit/lot. It's all tongue in cheek, though. It's just fun and games, YAP.

In case you don't understand my Hajime Satomi tyrades, check out this post at Shenmue Dojo and this great read from Lucas Dewoody. If you don't understand my 3D sonic and G-Axe Beast Rider rants, you're at the wrong place. Go to whichever WHORE/VG-WEBSITE you prefer and knock yourself out reading up on the latest Macrame Mama or God of Teenybopper Bullshit.

The name Shenmue Stare has a double meaning. The first comes from the look in everybody's eyes from Shenmue. They just stare right through you. They look crazy! I forgive it for this, seeing as how it's the first of it's kind. I would often joke with my friends about the "Shenmue Stare" when talking about Shenmue, or while seeing something akin to it in other games. The second meaning is that the fans are "Staring" at SEGA about "Shenmue 3." The whole point of the blog.

I chose the name Shenmue Fan as a descriptor, as if to say each post is from every Shenmue fan from all around the world. My name is unimportant, but our need for Shenmue 3 IS. Don't give up hope, people.