Saturday, January 7, 2012

License To Shenmue

Dear SEGA,

If you won't make "3",
let Yu take Shenmue's license.
You're just wasting it.

Sincerely Yours,
Just Another Shenmue Fan.

 里見治 1 shenmue 3 里見治 2 シェンムー3シェンムー3 sega hajime satomi 株式会社セガ


  1. Seriously, why does Sega still sit on the Shenmue license if they won't use it? And if Sega were to use the license, why would they do it without Yu Suzuki? So let the man have it.

    Because I talk about a lot of racing games, I'm just curious...what do you think about other QTE/adventure games like LA Noire, Heavy Rain, and, dare I say it, Yakuza?

  2. I'd have to say that adventure games are my cup of tea, more so than any other type. Like you and racing games. LA Noire was decent, if not somewhat flawed. A worthy attempt at least. I heard nothing but bad things about Heavy Rain, and I was anticipating it a lot, too, so I thought I would watch some of the walkthrough on Youtube, and just couldn't take it. That game just takes itself way too seriously. David Cage can suck a fatty.

    I've been playing the Yakuza games lately, and am on 3 now. I get a kick out of them. Reminds me of River City Ransom, and really they're just RPG's at heart. Almost to a T, really. Maybe a little light on stats and MATERIA and whatnot, but it plays very much so like an RPG. Not an open world game. I suppose if you had to be technical and get all markety about it, it'd be an action RPG, but still. This is the 21st century, we live in the future where genre lines blend into one another. RPG, Adventure, whatever.

    QTE is way overdone these days. In Shenmue it was more of an experimental thing, but in NFS the Run it's pure laziness. You see a lot of games get lambasted for their wanton, lazy usage, but in Shenmue's case, I think it was a mix of a pseudo old school adventure game "cinematic" game aesthetic displayed with cutting edge graphics, but the tech still not being able to handle the crazy game engine it would need to do all that without QTE at the time of its release. MGS4 got hell for the cutscenes where Raiden was breakdance killing metal gears left and right when the game should have had the player doing that instead of watching it. Game tech has come a ways since 1999 there really was no excuse for it other than Kojima's a strange motherfucker at times. Ha, maybe MG Rising is his retort to all those criticisms.

    You could say that all games are glorified QTE more or less, but that just doesn't seem quite right. haha, I guess I would say that at first they were cool, but now they just suck big ol' bonkey dalls. It's the times we live in, brother. I'm just waiting for VR games to finally come around. Or even games that are more like interactive dreams. Well, just like lucid dreaming. I've had lucid dreams like that where I was in a game type of scenario (zombies taking over, for instance), and I knew I was dreaming. So of course I had unlimited lives! Even better, I could do whatever I wanted, however i wanted. Shoot laser beams out of my dick, just straight up bonkers shit. Complete freedom. The ultimate video game! I've even had lucid dreams where I was in a RPG and controlling a party of people, but I WAS everyone. In complete control of each person at all times. Not only that, but i inhabited each of their personalities as well. I don't know how else to describe that feeling other than just being insane. Of course, I'm not, haha. When I go from that to waking up and playing most any modern games, I just can't help but feel severely disappointed. I wanna play a game like that episode of Star Trek TNG where Picard gets shot with some space laser and somehow lives through the entire life of someone else on an unknown planet, while everyone else is content to just keep teabagging motherfuckers on Call of Duty 19. How many more steps forward are there until something like that comes to be? Well, a lot, I'm sure, till artifical lucid dream games come out, at least, but I don't think any for VR, the next likely plateau. We could have VR, but who has the balls to do that anymore? Not in today's gaming world, but of course it'll have to happen at some point, it just has to. That just means games will stagnate till then (2032 or some shit) Were stuck in waggle town limbo until then. 20 more years of lazy horseshit. Bon appetitty-fuck.

  3. Holy crapinoli, I didn't mean to rant so much. Haha, sorry about that.

  4. I know you want Nagoshi to make another Daytona, and so do I. Ya know, I've been playing the HD remake more lately. I'll just load it up here and there and play a few rounds. I don't even try to just smash into cars incessantly like I used to, I actually race! Or try to, haha. Thanks to all your posts about it. I'm still no good. I'd say you and I could play it online some time, but it'd just be a one sided race. No challenge for ya. I just can't seem to care enough to excel at any game any more. Playing online? Fuck that noise. Once I get on all I wanna do is talk mad shit to everyone, or just act retarded, such as spelling out my sentences instead of speaking them. Laughing like a doofus. It's not that I wouldn't like to get better at multiplayer games, it's just hard for invisible people online to entice me to play. On the other hand, I love local play, but alas, have no one to spar with, so to speak. Just off in my own little, lackluster, lonesome world. Haha, it's not as bad as it sounds. I make myself sound like more of a loser than I really am. I'm really just more of a lone wolf type of dipshit. Not that I'm proud of that, but I am aware of my own faults. Wow, I'm ranting again. Anyhow, I don't see any reason why Nagoshi can't make both Daytona and Yakuza games. Or at the least Yakuza and something else racing oriented. I'm not as into it as you obviously are, but I do have me a hearty appreciation of Daytona. Always have, and probably in subtle ways that I'm not even sure about.

    It's funny, but both of our chosen genres of interest deal mainly with freedom, or the feeling of it. Haha, you and I are such typical nerds. Well, maybe it's not just nerds that lack that something extra in their lives. Everyone could probably use a little more freedom. Hell, aint we all just trapped in this mortal coil together? Haha, that's enough hippie talk outta me.

    Aside from racing games, Call of Duty, and Rock Band, which games are you really good at? I myself haven't gotten all "Wizard" on a game since Flashback on Sega Genesis, where I could zip through the whole game on the hardest difficulty without dying a single time. that's my claim to fame. Maybe not. Haha. I don't recall if I've asked you this already, but have you ever played Shenmue?

  5. Wow, if you made blog posts like this, it would shatter everyone's minds.

    I don't mind adventure games but they don't have very flexible gameplay. At least Shenmue had so much to do and the QTE's actually made sense. With many games like NFS: The Run, they are running out of ideas. QTE's for the sake of adding cinematics with no substance.

    I didn't hear too many bad things about Heavy Rain. Well, at least it makes good use of QTE's so they're not cheap (the game seems rather hard on higher difficulty). But due to the nature of the game, I couldn't imagine playing it repeatedly except to see different cutscenes. There's only so many times one can take Ethan chopping off his pinky finger.

    Didn't they already do Virtual Reality with the Virtual Boy? Oh well, there's too many free-floating experimental games out there with no identifiable genre. Well, what can you say.

    Really glad to see that you've played Daytona on occasion! You don't necessarily have to be good at it to have fun. I'm good at the game but not too great.

    About Nagoshi, it's not that I want him to make Daytona. TBQH, I think he's more interested in making movie-based games like Yakuza or Binary Domain. I doubt he's going to change. Moreso I wanted him to acknowledge his racing legacy which he really hasn't done ever. But a new Daytona can be made by someone else need it be. Not Amusement Vision or whatever, get AM2 on the job. Hire me Sega and I'll lead you to the Promised Land.

    I do play other FPS besides Call of Duty. Speaking of which, MW3 is mediocre but I really liked Black Ops. The game would seem okay if it weren't for the obnoxious following it gets. But I prefer older FPS like Perfect Dark and Counter-Strike. I don't have much time to perfect other games. I got tons of schoolwork to do. I kind of give up on being really good at games since I don't have that "magic touch" on joysticks to smoothly navigate the cursor on the enemies or whatever. I still play to hold my ground though.

    Sadly I have never played Shenmue. Don't have a Dreamcast at the moment. If there ever was an XBLA port I would buy it in a heartbeat. Whatever happened to those XBL rumors anyway? Damn photoshoppers I guess.

  6. Now I get ya about Nagoshi. I think it'd be cool if you got to make a Daytona game, or, at the very least, maybe you could make a spiritual sequel. With or without SEGA you could do that and I hope ya do.

    In his last interview, Yu kinda hinted at their being hd versions of Shenmue getting released at some point, so there's that. Albeit not much, haha, but when ya got nothing to go on, you start scarfing down crumbs.

  7. Yeah...sadly I don't know if Sega's hiring right now. No kidding right with the recession and all. If you check the jobs they have very little of anything, especially stuff outside my scope of abilities. On the other hand, there's EA get the picture.

    Just a matter of finding the right group of people right now I guess. And maybe Sega will run with my idea and then the rest is history.

  8. I always saw you as being more of an indie guy, ha. If you get a chance to work for EA, do it. THAT experience is better than no experience. At least for a little while. Well, you know more about it then I do, haha. But yeah, it's all about finding the right people to work with. SEGA needs people like you to help bring them back to prosperity. They need to hire your ass.