Monday, December 12, 2011

Shenmue OST Day

Today is the birthday of not just one, but TWO composers of the Shenmue soundtrack.

Of course I am talking about Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and Yuzo Koshiro .

While everyone and their mama is familiar with Koshiro, Mitsuyoshi is a bit more obscure, probably because he's strictly SEGA, unlike Koshiro. According to his Wiki page, Shenmue 2 was the last major game he worked on, and seems to be his last big project.

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I sure hope he hasn't been tucked into a corner by SEGA, as this gentleman has musical gold in his veins. Here's to hoping he gets to score more Shenmue and Daytona games. OR ANYTHING.

Howsabout a rousing live rendition of Let's Go Away from Daytona USA? HELLSH YESH.

I don't know who the percussionist is, but I really got a kick out of him. These two work really well together and are fun to watch.


Not to leave Yuzo Koshiro out, here's a rather fascinating video showcasing some of his work.

While this vid kinda makes him look like a thief, it doesn't diminish his stature one bit. He's worked on many classics such as, Y's, Revenge of Shinobi, and Actraiser being a few not shown in the vid. The guy's a gaming legend.


While not their birthdays, Ryuji Iuchi, Osamu Murata, and Takeshi Yanagawa also worked together with the 2 birthday boys on the Shenmue OST, but that's not gonna stop me from declaring today as "Shenmue OST Day." NORP. Two out of five aint bad.

So do yourselves a favor and curl up to the majestic sounds of Shenmue today, and every other day for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Well, probably not that much, but at least on every December 12th. Better yet, listen to the Shenmue Orchestra cd. Here's a few of my favorite Shenmue songs to round out this post.

I didn't realize I've been sitting here for a few hours listening to all this great music, I'd better stop and post this already. Check out Ziming's channel at Youtube for every Shenmue related piece of music in existence. Matter of fact, check out his channel for everything Shenmue related, PERIOD.

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  1. Truly epic post! I remember reading some list of who composed what in Shenmue a long time ago and IIRC Mitsuyoshi did a lot of the little unique themes that play when you go into shops, like the Bob's Pizza theme ... one of my favorite parts of the game was unlocking all his tunes for the Passport disc!

    Koshiro has amazing range, he goes into any genre and just bosses it up. I'm with ya, kinda hard to fault him individually for recycling some beats when nearly every game coming out of Japan in the 80s and early 90s was "borrowing" wholesale and shamelessly from Hollywood movies and US pop culture anyway