Monday, July 25, 2011


Today I thought I would give shout outs to other bloggers and assorted Shenmue fans. Especially those who have given me shout outs. Reciprocation, baby! A lot of these are quite belated and I apologize for that. I'm a bit of a barbarian with Asperger's, so my people skills can be lacking sometimes. Etiquette isn't my speciality, that's for sure. I get so caught up in doing half-assed Photoshops with half assed Haiku that I forget that this is a BLOG, and that I am a blogger who should probably write some shit once in a while. When I first started the blog I would write small articles, but I couldn't keep up with that every day, so I started writing Haiku, because it's fast and easy, yet still fun. I was homeless for a while there, too, so I built up a habit around it out of necessity. It was all I could do sometimes to get to a computer somewhere and upload some daily inanities to the internet. Matter of fact, Sonic and SEGA All Star Racing came out while I was still roaming and I forewent food for a week just to buy it, even though I couldn't play it, because that's the kind of fucking Shenmue tard I am. I wanted the game to be a success, so day one I bought the fucker. I didn't forego food entirely, I lived off eating 2 Mcdoubles a day for that week. To some of you that's just dinner, but to me it was shit on a shingle, and not much of it. It wasn't so bad, really. Dollar menu is a hobo's best friend, I tells ya what. That and Steel Reserve. 14 bucks a week for food, 8 bucks for booze, not bad! Mcdoubles and Steel Reserve are the holy, hobo combo. Mcdonalds' free Wi Fi is also quite helpful to those amongst the abode challenged.

Soon enough, I tried the game out at my bro's, well, more like watched him play it till he unlocked Ryo. I then tried it a couple times and haven't played it since. Even though I live comfortably now and can play the thing whenever I damn well want, I don't. I keep telling myself that I'll play some All stars Racing today, that I'll hop onto Live and only play as Ryo, but I just can't ass myself to do it. It's not a bad game, it's just that there's a billion other things to do before I sit around playing Mario Kart, much less a Mario Kart clone. I don't mean to rag on the game or Sumo Digital, but I guess I'm kind of a high maintenance gamer. I never thought I'd ever say that, but it's true. I'm just a needy little bastard, hahaha. Hey, aren't we all.

Anyhow, I've always been a lone wolf type o' fella off in my own little world blazing my own trails, so forgive me for being slightly obtuse. For better or worse, it is what it is. Now, on to the reciprocation!

Musings of a Sega Racing Fan - I just discovered this gentleman's site last week and it's great. Filled with loads of awesome, meaningful content and getting larger by the day, as he's rather prolific. I've never really been much of a Racing enthusiast, but he's changed the way I think about it. Very insightful. And he's right, SEGA racers ARE the best. Outrun, Daytona, Sega Rally, Virtua Racing, Hang on. He gave me shout-outs on his blog a few days ago and I was at the top of the list, so right back at ya, amigo! He might not like my style of racing, though, I don't really try to win, I more try to prevent the other player from finishing, usually by crashing into my opponent nonstop. Of course, that's usually only when I'm straight drunkled in a bar and I see a Daytona machine there. I just can't help myself. I'm not very competitive, so I don't play these types of games much anymore.

With that being said, he's changed the way I think about racing and racing games. Thanks, Eric!

Blue Skies Daily - A brand spanking new SEGA blog. Gave me a shout out recently and now I'm returning the favor. Not only to reciprocate, but mainly because it's a good site. Great stuff, man! I like the Master system cartridge look to everything. There's a lot of content on there for only being a couple weeks old. A nice surprise. I look forward to seeing more!

SegaShiro - A cool bunch of guys and a solid Sega website. I dig the videos. I really dig their logo, too. They actually gave me two shout-outs, one from 7 months ago, even, so this one's a long time coming. Sorry for waiting so long, guys!

Sedge Trees - A personal blog of another obsessed Shenmue fan. He's given me a few shout-outs. He's a funny kid, that one. It seems like he's always eating barbecue. Lucky bastard! When he's not eating that, he's just eating awesome food in general. Curry FTW.

Destructoid - Another one that's a long time coming. I was pretty drunk one night whilst perusing Destructoid and saw a tip submission button. I thought to myself "fuck it" and clicked on it. It even asked you to write in Haiku form if you so wished. Well, hell, that's no problem, except it was, haha. Being inebriated, I messed up the Haiku, which Dale North then actually used in his shout-out to the blog, thus making himself look like a dumbfuck, I'm sure. Sorry about that, Dale! I didn't think anyone would bite at my submission. It was nearly bedcrash time, and the Malt liquor wasn't being neighborly. In true ME fashion I go and fuck it all up, haha, beautiful. My mouth got me into probably too much trouble that week sad to say.

Here's a Haiku apology.

I'm sorry Dale North.
Malt liquor usually
makes me write for shit.

Anyhow, I frequent Destructoid fairly often as it is the least biased of the mega gaming sites. That's saying a lot, mind you! Dale North himself writes some interesting reviews as well. He's recently kinda gone Shenmue rogue, though, and that's ok. Maybe he's right.

Maybe we are just
holding on to something that's
already long gone.

I don't think a shout-out from me would do Destructoid any good, what with it being the CNN of the gaming world and this blog being a gnat in comparison, but here it is nonetheless. Yarp.

Other shout-outs: C.M0use for being one righteous dude, Shenmuedojo for being the de facto Shenmue website, Shenmue 500K for being filled with many wonderful people from all around the globe(except for the choad chompers that were deleting people), Tony Rotger for all his videos and hard work for the cause and for being one of the most passionate Shenmue fans ever, Christopher Barnes for being the only person to make a Shenmue website during the 500k event just recently, and to John Joe for being a great and wise Shenmue soldier, a great person to talk to, and a new friend.

And of course SEGA, Yu Suzuki, and everyone else that had a hand in the making of the Shenmue series. Shout-outs till the end of time to you.

Sincerely Yours,
Shenmue Fan.

里見治 1 shenmue 3 里見治 2 シェンムー3シェンムー3 sega hajime satomi 株式会社セガ


  1. Sorry to hear you had to go through some Hobo Joe times man. Hope it didn't get too much worse than a week of colon pounding.

  2. It was a pretty miserable time overall, but it could have been a billion times worse. The colon pounding was nothing, at least I had food, and I always found a place to sleep. The worst thing was being on the peripherals of your friends and family.

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  4. Nice post, thanks for your kind words. Didn't know you learned so much from my blog. Anyway, hope you are doing better now. I also have Asperger's too if it means anything. We got your back...

  5. Yeah, man, I've never really heard anyone speak in such a heartfelt way about racing and racing games. It's uncommon.

  6. Well if I don't speak out about them, who else will? If I get to work for Sega some day, I'll put in a good word about you Shenmue fans.

  7. Thanks, man, I think they're at their wits end with Shenmue fans. We could use all the good will we can get, hahaha.